Install a variable-speed pool pump

Why? A pool pump uses more energy than most other devices and appliances in your home. A properly sized ENERGY STAR certified variable-speed pump can save significantly on your pool's energy costs. Pool pump savings often pay back their cost in less than three years.
How it works: Variable-speed pool pumps alternate between speeds to optimize energy use while also keeping your pool clean and comfortable, making them more energy efficient than single-speed pool pumps.

What to look for:
  • The right size pump. The larger the pump, the greater your energy and maintenance costs. Use the smallest size pump possible for your swimming pool. To choose the right size pump, consult a pool supplier's design chart to match the hydraulic characteristics of the pump to both the piping and the pool's flow characteristics. Consult a pool supplier or installer for help.
  • A daily or seasonal timer. Most variable-speed pool pumps come with a programmable timer. Schedule your pumping according to your needs. Seasonal timers automatically adjust your pump run time to match the needs of your pool throughout the year.

Added benefits: Variable-speed pool pumps tend to be quieter and last longer than other pumps.

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Save up to $215 per year

Up-front costs: Most units cost between $1,100 and $1,600, but they may be much more for very large pools