Use heated blankets and turn down the thermostat

Why? If you use one of these devices to stay warm while under bedcovers, you likely need only minimal heat in the room overall, so consider turning down your home's thermostat while using the blanket.
Things to think about:
  • Programming your thermostat to be about 3-5°C lower for about eight hours a day can save you 6-10% on heating costs.
  • Remember to turn off the blanket or pad when it's not in use.
  • Safety is a primary concern, so be certain to read and follow the manufacturer's directions. Some usage instructions recommend removing all comforters and blankets from on top of the electric blanket when it is in use. Machine or hand-wash your blanket according to the instructions, and never dry-clean an electric blanket — the dry-cleaning solvents may dissolve the plastic insulation of the heating wires.

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Save up to $50 per year

Up-front costs: $25 to $100, depending on the model