Turn off your computer at night

Why? Turning your computer off at night could save you up to a third of its energy costs, depending on your use and power management settings. Save even more by plugging your computer, monitor, and printer into one power bar and turning the power bar off when you go to bed.
Is it okay to frequently shut down my computer? Switching a computer on and off frequently does not negatively affect its lifespan. In fact, giving your computer a rest can be good for it. Certain software updates require computers to shut down, and the fan is more likely to wear out on a machine that runs constantly. Shutting down a computer also clears its memory for the next time you turn it on, so it may run faster.

Good to know: Some computers have settings that can automatically turn a computer on or off at certain times of day. You are most likely to find these options in the Control Panel folder on a computer running Windows® or in System Preferences on a Mac®. Check your owner's manual for more specific information.

Go the extra mile:

  • Shut your computer down during the day when you will not use it for the next two hours.
  • Unplug the computer or switch off its power bar after it powers down.
  • Turn off your monitor, printer, and other home office machines for greater savings. Plugging all these devices into one power bar makes this easy.

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