Spotlight your work spaces

Why? Overhead bulbs can brighten a space, but often use more light than you really need. Using a kitchen counter light while preparing dinner, or a small lamp to read a book, brings better light to the task at hand and saves energy.
Helpful terms: The strategy of burning fewer, brighter, more targeted lamps to light specific areas is called "task lighting."

Good to know:


  • Desk lamps and table lights are best for the bedroom or study.
  • Recessed lights and over-the-counter fluorescents are appropriate for the kitchen or workbench. Think about incorporating these lights into your home's design.
  • Many task lamps are compatible with energy-efficient light bulbs, especially light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Some LEDs emit light in a specific direction, making them ideal for task lighting.
  • If you have multiple switches in a room, label them so you can easily turn on the one light you need. Labeling is especially helpful for switches controlling outdoor lights or lights in other rooms.
  • For convenience, plug in task lights to outlets connected to switches.

Added benefits: Using directed light while working reduces eye strain and is easier on your pocketbook.

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