Maintain your heating system

Why? Regular maintenance of your furnace or boiler will improve its efficiency and extend its life. You should have it inspected and serviced every year during the fall or early winter in order to reduce the costs of operating your system. It's also a good idea to do it at the end of the season so there's no soot in the heat exchanger over the summer months.
How it works: Hire a professional to perform regular furnace maintenance. The technician should perform the following work:
  • Check the ventilation system and heat exchanger for the furnace to ensure efficient and safe operation. This work should also involve fixing and sealing connections between the furnace and main ducts. In the case of a boiler, check the water level and stack temperature.
  • Check the controls on the furnace or boiler to ensure they are set for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Clean and oil the working parts of the furnace or boiler, such as the blower.
  • Change the filter if necessary.

Added benefits: A professional can also help you avoid health hazards, such as carbon monoxide leaks from gas furnaces. Enjoy savings and peace of mind with regular heating maintenance.

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