Clear the area around your AC

Why? Your air conditioning unit will operate better if it has plenty of room to breathe. The air conditioner's outdoor unit — the condenser — needs to be able to circulate air without any interruption or obstruction.

For your central air conditioner's condenser, located outdoors, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the nearby area of debris. Be sure to remove any dirt, leaves, weeds, or debris from the space around the unit on a regular basis.
  2. Cut back plants. Trim foliage back at least half a metre from the unit to allow for adequate airflow.
  3. Cover the unit. During the colder months when your central air conditioning is not in use, cover the outdoor unit to protect it from dirt, debris, and corrosion.

For room air conditioners:

  1. Keep furniture away from the unit. On the inside of the room, make sure there is space between the unit and any furniture or other objects.
  2. Cut back plants. Trim foliage, such as tree branches, at least half a metre away from the part of the unit on the outside of the window.
  3. Remove window air conditioners in the winter. At the end of summer, remove your air conditioners from windows, as they can be a large source of heat loss in the winter.

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