Improve shading for windows

Why? If the sun creates overwhelming heat in your home during the warmer months, you may want to make targeted investments to improve the way you shade your windows.
Click here Things to think about:
  • Provide adequate shade — especially to windows that face south, west, or east, since they let in the most heat in summer months.
  • Shading the outside of your windows is more effective at blocking heat than using indoor shades or drapes. Consider shading the exterior of your home with shutters, awnings, exterior solar blinds, or solar screening. Just remember that you'll want any exterior shading to be removable during the winter months, when sunlight can help heat your home's interior.
  • Planting deciduous trees — trees that usually lose their leaves in the fall — nearby is an excellent way to increase shading, because it shades the windows in the summer but allows sun exposure in the winter. Click here for information on how to avoid planting trees near power lines.
  • Light-colored drapes and shades reflect the sun's energy, while darker ones absorb it and release heat.
  • Remote control blinds are available for hard-to-reach windows.

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