Upgrade your old central air conditioner

Why? In the summer, air conditioning may account for the largest portion of your home energy bill. When you decide to replace your old air conditioner, investing in an efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified unit will dramatically lower your cooling costs.
What to look for:
  • An efficient air conditioner with high energy efficiency ratings. A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 13 is the industry standard, but systems with higher SEERs cost less to run.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified models. These are the most efficient air conditioners and cost the least over their lifetimes.
  • The EnerGuide label. This helps you compare specific models.

What to look for in a qualified contractor: Many problems that occur with a new air conditioner may be caused by improper sizing or installation. To choose the right size unit for your home, your contractor should consult current industry standards. He or she should go beyond square footage or the size of your current unit to make this determination. For advice on finding and choosing a contractor, visit Natural Resources Canada.

Good to know: Before you replace your system, think about air sealing and improving insulation in your home. This will reduce your required cooling load and help any air conditioner run more efficiently.

Helpful links: Take a look at NRCAN's article on central air conditioner sizing and installation, available here.

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